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Birth Tissues

Birth tissues are a plentiful and pristine source of living cells that can support a broad spectrum of experimental model systems and therapeutic approaches. Every placenta is comprised of both maternal-origin and baby-origin cells, which creates a unique opportunity to source cells without any risk to the mother or child. At the Amnion Foundation, we specialize in isolating and banking human cells for use by our partners and clients in the pursuit of new therapies.


Human Placenta-Derived Stem Cells (hPSC)

Isolated from the human placenta after a healthy birth, baby-origin hPSCs are phenotypically stable and can be expanded extensively to create large banks of cells to support research, pre-clinical, and clinical programs. The potential applications for hPSCs are supported by over two decades of peer-reviewed scientific publications and the advancement of programs at highly accredited research institutes, including the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

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Interested in working with these cells to support your basic and preclinical research? The Amnion Foundation provides hPSCs for research use and offers custom services for the generation of research-grade cell banks formatted to fit your needs.

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Birth Tissue Cells & Services

The placenta and umbilical cord tissue contain multiple highly valuable cell types, including cytotrophoblasts, a variety of endothelial cells, and specialized immune cells (Hofbauer cells) that can support the establishment of model systems aimed at assessing placental barrier function, vasculogenesis, and infectious diseases. Furthermore, many of these cell types (endothelial cells, pericytes, and variety of stem and progenitor cells) have tremendous potential as components of regenerative medicine products. The Amnion Foundation is committed to providing quality cells and isolation services for our partners and clients. Contact Us with your requests for specific cells or services.